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Serauta Monumental area

 "Divided in war, united in memory"

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At 2950 m. a.s.l., at the middle station of the new cable car of Marmolada, the Serauta Monumental Area welcome the visitors who want honor the War Dead of 1st World War.
In this area the Italian Soldiers lived from May 1916 to November 1917, building a big fort.

These positions that are carved into the rocky mass have recently been made accessible to visitors. The area of machine gun, the shelter, the station of cableway, the infirmary are few elements that you can visit in the Memorial zone.

During the summer season it is possible to visit the Serauta area by two different routes: 
- Serauta-Galleria Rosso getting close to Vu pass
- Serauta-Forcella V without galleries and all on the ridge
Both routes are accessible with high mountain equipment including ropes, carabiners, helmet, torch, crampons. Only for expert mountaineers.

Fore more info: www.museodellaguerra-marmolada.com

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