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Bike - MTB trails

Pedalling along and climbing up mountain roads. If you’ve been there, you’ll know there is nothing quite like the thrill of a mountain bike ride, as you breathe in the fresh mountain air and feel at one with nature, using an eco-friendly means of transport.



A few routes:


Bosco Verde – Pian Delle Ris'ce – Sottoguda
An easy 2 km route along tarred roads alongside the Pettorina Torrent.


Sottoguda – Sorarù – Caprile – Alleghe - Masarè
Medium-difficulty route, 30 km long, which winds its way alongside the Pettorina Torrent as far as Caprile before heading alongside the Cordevole Torrent in the direction of Masarè. A mix of tarred road and well-trodden gravel.


Marmolada Tour
Departure and arrival: Malga Ciapela. Along the Val Pettorina, the Fedaia Pass, the Val di Fassa and the San Pellegrino Pass. An interesting trip on account of the landscape and nature, some 90 km long, along tarred roads, cycle trails and paths. Difficult. 

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Freeride Paths:



Padon Refuge– Plaz Ciampei – Plan de Pescoi – Arabba – Porta Vescovo – Col dei Morc – Fedaia Pass – Malga Ciapela
32.9 km, negative altitude difference 1797m, positive altitude difference 205 m. Plenty of thrills, one after the other, in a breath-taking landscape. Very technical stretches alternate with others along which you can relax and enjoy pedalling along. Difficult on some stretches, medium on others.