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Great World War Museum in Marmolada

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"The museum's exhibition of the harsh conditions faced by the soldiers who fought in these mountains
is intended as an exhortation to peace and friendship among the peoples of the world"

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The museum is located in the building of the cable car of Marmolada, in Serauta area. It is the highest museum in Europe, situated at 2950 m. a.s.l. It was built in 1990 to safeguard the relics of the war recovered by the famous “City of ice”; as well as the events recreated thanks to soldier's letters and written.

The Museum can be visited during the opening period of the cable car, from the beginning of December until Easter and from June to September.

The entry to the museum, in accordance with its commemorative purpose, is free.

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It is worth mentioning here "Die Eisstadt", "The City of Ice" so called by the German Kaiserschutzen. It was an out-and-out barraks digged into the Marmolada Glacier and composed by rooms for the soldiers' shelter, warehouses, kitchen and many other placements. 


Fore more info: www.museomarmoladagrandeguerra.com

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